📸Media Services (GKSMEDIA)

On this page, you can find details on the use of GKS Media Service.

What's GKS Media?

The GKS_Media service is provided with the phone files. This service includes support for GKSMedia, Imgur and Imgbb. Our GKS Media service is paid. Click to buy our service.

How do I use the GKS Media Management Site?

First of all you must enter this site and register. https://app.gkshop.org/#/signup

You must register on the site by filling in the blanks. Here you need to pay attention to the e-mail address you entered when purchasing on tebex. Your purchase e-mail address and the e-mail address of your account here must match. You will also receive an activation email after registration.

If you don'tknow your GKSMedia tebex order number, you can find out by clicking here.

After confirming the activation mail, you can login to the site. You must click "SERVICES" section for access your product.

How do I add a discord webhook?

After entering the media management site, it is enough to enter your webhook in the "Discord Webhook" section in the settings section and press the save button.

How to change my API Key?

After entering the media management site, simply press the refresh button in the token section in the settings.

Screenshot Basic

 exports['screenshot-basic']:requestScreenshotUpload('https://servicemedia.gkshop.org/mediau', 'gks_image', {
     headers = {
           ['GKSHOP-Secret'] = "GKSHOP API Key"
      local resp = json.decode(data)
      local imageURL = resp.link

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