On this page you can access all documentation related to GKS FUEL.


If you are transferring files using FTP transfer your files using winscp program. Filezilla transfers files as corrupted.

1. Unzip the gksfuel.zip folder and place this folder in your servers resource folder.

2. Add the resource to your server start server.cfg: ensure gksfuel(It is better to start at the bottom.)

3. The most important sections are the options at the top of config.lua. Everything else is optional.

If there is another fuel script on your server, you should stop it.


You must set Config.Framework line for your framework.

  1. You can fix the Config.Language line according to your language

  2. Correct the field in the "Locale" line which language setting you will use in the language.json file (TR, EN, GER, FR, ITA)

If you are using GKSPHONE set gksphone to true in language.json file

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