On this page you will find installation instructions for the GKSCRAFT QB version.

If you are transferring files using FTP transfer your files using winscp program. Filezilla transfers files as corrupted.

1. Unzip the gkscraft.zip folder and place this folder in your servers resource folder.

2. Add the resource to your server start config: ensure gkscraft (It is better to start at the bottom.)

3. You must import the SQL file to your database. (You will find the sql file gkscraft/gkscraftsql.sql)

4. Polyzone is required as requirement.

5. The most important sections are the options at the top of config.lua. Everything else is optional.

Craft pictures

You can add craft images to gkscraft/images folder

If there are craft images in a different file, you can change the path ( For qb-core inventory, simply replace "Itemimages" on line 4 in gkscraft/language.json file to "https://cfx-nui-qb-inventory/html/images/" like this )

Image names should be item codes and the file type should be png.

Language options

  • Language options on the UI side you can make changes in gkscraft/langueage.json

  • In order to use other language options in language.json, you should fix the "Locale" option in which language you will use. ( Simply type one of the language options in the Locales line you need to type. )

  • If you want to change the language options in other files, review the gkscraft/locale.lua file

  • Don't forget to set the language you will use via config.lua

Notification system

If you want to change the notification location, use one of the following options in the "CraftPosition" part in the 3. line of the gkscraft/langueage.json file

  • bottom-right

  • top-right

  • top-center

  • top-left

  • bottom-left

  • bottom-center

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