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You can find more information about GKSHOP scripts in this documentation.

About Us

We are a team that develops scripts for fivem. We have been developing and selling scripts for the fivem platform since September 2019. Our ongoing technical support and update service has never been interrupted since our first sale. We act with 100% customer satisfaction. Our main policy is equal price and equal service to all customers. Therefore, there will never be any discounts/campaigns on GKSHOP products.

Special and high quality scripts designed for your players are here. Are you ready to meet the best selling phone in Fivem history?

Terms of Service

Please read very carefully. We have zero tolerance in this regard. Unauthorized use, distribution ('leaking') of GKSHOP scripts, whether paid or free, is completely prohibited. The script owner is the sole authority on the use of the script and all other actions. Script and script owner are protected within the roof of DMCA rules.

If unauthorized use or distribution is detected on your server, forum sites or discord server, the following things will happen:

  • Tokens and assets related to your account will be revoked,

  • E-mail address and keymaster account will be banned from our gkshop tebex page,

  • Your Discord account will be banned from GKSHOP Discord and your account will be added to the global blacklist bot ("Stop The Resellers"),

  • No refunds for any violation of the Terms of Service,

  • The Discord server and hosting service you are found to be distributing our scripts will receive a DMCA notice which most likely will result in a shut down of those services,

  • Using leaked GKSHOP scripts on your FiveM server(s) will also lead your server to be reported to FiveM.

  • We are expecting our customers to have at least a basic knowledge of coding in Lua.

  • GKSHOP doesn't pay any compensation in cases where your Cfx account is banned, hacked, lost or the e-mail address associated with these accounts is lost. The security of your accounts is your responsibility. In these cases, we shouldn't be asked for help.

Leaking is theft. GKSHOP products are scripts developed for more than 3 years. It is our first duty to protect these products, for which we spend great effort and hours. We never condone the use of Leak. Instead of having your services shut down by being a detective in this regard; We would like to focus more on improving our scripts.

Never support the leak and help us protect this community against it:

We know that there are many people on our platform who are sensitive to this issue. You can report leaks or abuses to us via a ticket on our discord server. If you share information such as the website of the servers and serverlist links in your tickets, the necessary examinations are made. Appropriate action will be taken when a DMCA violation is detected.


The following people can get support from us:

  • All GKSHOP customers,

  • Approved developers of GKSHOP customers,

GKSHOP customers can take their roles and get support by claiming customer roles via discord. In addition, in order for customer developers to receive support, customers must define a "customer developer" authority over discord.

*GKSHOP doesn't provide technical support to its customers who don't claim a role through discord. We also remind you that you shouldn't be disrespectful and hasty in your technical support requests.

💡Discord Roles

What does the support service include?

  • Detailed documentation and installation instructions - We prepare detailed installation instructions to facilitate the installation of our products. - Before contacting support, take a look at our documentation and it will solve your problems faster. This is simpler than contacting us.

  • First time setup guidance service - Despite our detailed installation guides, we guide you through the installation in case you run into a problem during the installation stages.

  • Quick Fix & Bug Fix - Our products are used by a fairly large customer network. However, we are trying to ensure that our customers can use our products without errors by quickly solving any problems or bugs that may arise.

  • Tips & Configuration - We contain all the information you need to have about our products in our documentation. We still guide and guide you with usage tips and configuration issues.

What should you not expect in support service?

  • We don't teach coding - As stated in our terms of use, we expect you to have a basic knowledge of lua. - Before you buy, review our documentation and make sure you can use it. Because you should be able to do all the functions yourself, from installation to configuration.

  • We don't install scripts for you - We don't install for you due to many responsibilities and burdens. In no way do we install via remote connection. - Our installation instructions are very detailed and made to facilitate your installation. Please check the installation instructions before purchasing.

  • We don't help you customize it - We offer integration options for many scripts for you to customize our scripts. - Besides, we offer many files open for you to customize. - We also offer you many server and client events. - But we don't do any customization for you.

  • We don't support products that don't belong to us - GKSHOP only provides support for its own products. - For all other scripts, you should consult the people you bought it from. We don't offer any support in this regard.

  • We don't support leaked content - We reserve the right not to provide support if we suspect any leaked content.

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