Cfx Auth & Transfers

You can find the details of the asset escrow system offered by Fivem here. You will find some problems you may experience in this system and what you need to pay attention to.

Assets Escrow System

We are using Assets Escrow System by FiveM for our resources. That means that you will found your resources after payment in your keymaster website. Our resources work on servers with your server key without the need for any additional verification with escrow system.

Your fivem account which you login through tebex during the purchase phase and the your server key must be in the same account.

Where I will find my resources?

After purchasing through Tebex, your products are instantly transferred to the assets section of your keymaster account.

How to transfer assets to another account?

Don't forget, you can only make a one-time transfer.

  1. First step, you need to login to your keymaster account after we successfully got into the account, we are going to look for this page that is called "Purchased assets".

  2. There you're going to see this list of bought resources.

  3. Here our point of interested is going to be the button called "Transfer to another account".

  4. So we're going to click on the button and it will lead us to this page.

  5. Just enter the user name who you wish to transfer the script and confirm the confirmation e-mail sent to your e-mail address

About your Keymaster account

Your keymaster account belongs to you. And all its safety is your responsibility. Don't share your account information with anyone, don't leave your account and e-mail addresses open where other people have access such as rdp servers. We aren't authorized if your Keymaster account or asset is stolen. In such cases, you should contact fivem. You have a responsibility to this system, just as we do. We never do the following:

  • Transfer asset to another account,

  • Give new asset to another account,

  • Refund in case of theft.

We don't have any authority in case of any wrong transfer or hacking. In these cases, contact Tebex or FiveM support. Sellers on tebex have no authority in these matters. We don't want you to victimization. Please take care of your account security and don't share your accounts with anyone.

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