Application Usages

On this page, you will find detailed instructions for use of applications that are complicated to use.

Gotur Application

Firstly, the person who has the gotur permission in the gotur profession should go to the following location on the map and add the materials that he will sell in the gotur application. (You must be in the gotur profession.)

News Application

Enter the news job code in the gksphone/html/static/config/config.json "NewsPerm" section.

A player with the job you set in Config.json can create news with the button in the upper right corner of the application.

Race Application

If you want to create a race; You can create a race by hovering over one of the race maps and pressing the flag icon.

Send Notification

It allows to send the notification that the race has been created to the people who allow their notifications from the race name determination screen.

NOS Phasing

You can allow the use of NOS in the race.

30s Phasing

You can prevent vehicles from colliding during the race for 30 seconds.

Full Phasing

You can prevent vehicles from colliding during the entire race.

It creates a route by marking it on your map for you to go to the race map.

It allows you to see the entire race map (checkpoints) on your map.

Allows you to send messages to race participants.

It is the button to cancel the race.

It is the button to start the race.

It shows how many people participated in the created race.

If you're getting the "Determine your race name" error when creating a race:

You need to set your race name.

If you want to create your own race map:

First of all, the person who will create the race map should be authorized. An in-game admin can authorize using the command /raceuath (id) true/false.

The person you authorize can create a race by following the steps below.

It is then determined in the map creation items screen. Checkpoints are determined using hotkeys. Finally, just press the "K" key to save the map.

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